Investment Contract Pool (ICP) information

MSRP Investment Contract Pool (ICP) Fact Sheet

The MSRP Investment Contract Pool seeks to deliver stable positive returns. The MSRP Investment Contract Pool includes investment contracts that obligate the issuer of the contract to maintain principal value. Most investment contracts invest in high-quality fixed income investments (bonds) that are owned by the plan or trust.

This investment is not FDIC insured or guaranteed by the federal or state government. Like all investments the ICP has risks and may not meet its investment objectives, including the objective of a constant principal value. Read the ICP Q&A to learn more.

The April ICP rate* is 3.21%.

View the ICP Fact Sheet.

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*Annual effective interest yield (%)

Investing involves risk and you could lose money.

Asset allocation, rebalancing and diversification do not assure a profit or protect against loss in a down market.