Your access to plan resources and information

As you’re looking to make informed decisions about your retirement savings, you can use these tools as reminders of the value of MSRP membership, including low-cost, comprehensive Plan services and retirement planning tools and resources. We’re committed to providing you with value, convenience and service from start to finish.

Get organized

Retirement Checklist
Prepare for your retirement by completing this checklist.

Personal Document Locator
Keep your important information in one place to make things easier for your loved ones.

Manage retirement income

Benefit payment options
MSRP offers many ways for you to receive money from your account.

MSRP long-term benefits
There are potential benefits to keeping your money invested in MSRP — even if you move from your public sector job.

Simplify your retirement investing
Consider the benefits of bringing all your retirement assets into one plan.

Online distribution video
Watch our video about how to use your online account for distributions from your MSRP account.
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For help with your account, contact your local Personal Retirement Consultant or customer service.