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We know that preparing your employees for retirement isn't an easy.

To help support you, we’re enhancing online enrollment to offer your employees a quick, easy and convenient way for them to begin their retirement journey. By adding Express Path, we can help remove the guesswork and improve your participants’ online enrollment experience.

Express Path will simplify your participants' online enrollment by providing the following enhancements:

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  • Displays a preselected contribution amount of 3%, or an amount chosen by the plan; participants will have the option to choose an amount +/- 2%
  • If your plan offers Dollar and Percentage contributions, the preselected percentage will also show as a dollar amount
  • If your plan offers Dollar only, the preselected percentage will display as a dollar amount, and participants will have the option to choose an amount equal to +/- 2%

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  • Displays a preselected Enrollment Fund option that is chosen by your plan
  • The Enrollment Fund must be a target date series
  • The preselected target date fund will be determined by the participant’s birthdate and when they will reach age 65

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Enrollment can be intimidating and complex. With Express Path, we can help reduce the complexity by eliminating some of the decisions that participants are required to make. Participants get a faster enrollment process to start their retirement journey, allowing them to get back to their busy lives.

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To make changes to the preselected options, complete the Express Path Change form.