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The Internet is a wonderful place. But, while most of us are using the Internet for good, the less scrupulous among us have made it clear that if you’re not careful with your personal information, your privacy and security could be in jeopardy.

That’s why Nationwide Retirement Solutions® takes your online security so seriously. From encryption software and firewalls to passwords and safety certification, we’re working to ensure your time on the site is safe and secure.

For specifics, look at our privacy policy online.

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Privacy Statement

At Nationwide, protecting your privacy is crucial. Our privacy statement explains how we collect, use, share and protect your information. It's for Nationwide customers and visitors of We promise to treat your personal information responsibly and provide you with choices about how we use and share it. If we change our privacy policy, we'll post the changes right here. So, just how do we protect your privacy? In a nutshell, we promise to treat your personal information responsibly. It's as simple as that. Here's how.

Collecting, using and sharing visitor information

Many of our online activities don't require visitors to our website to register for an account or give us any personal information. For example, visitors can use our financial planning guides without giving us any personal information, like a name or address. Nationwide and our business partners are still interested, however, in who visits our site and how they use it. We use cookies so we can improve your online experience. Cookies also track visitors' IP addresses, domain names and browser information. They don't collect a visitor's personal information, but they help us to:

  • Analyze how visitors use our website
  • Develop new services to improve our website
  • Analyze our marketing campaigns
  • Know how many visitors have seen or clicked on ads


When you visit this site, we send a cookie to your computer's hard drive. Cookies are small files recorded by your Internet browser that retain information about your website visits. We use web browsing or session cookies to help us identify your browser, to remember your Web preferences and to recognize you when you move from page to page within our site. This type of cookie, and similar files, that we place on your computer do not contain any personal information unless it is encrypted.

Nationwide uses cookies in different ways:

Web browsing or session cookies. We may place these types of cookies on your hard drive to help with Web navigation. Session cookies also help to personalize your experience while visiting our site, to gather data about the usage of our site and to track response to an advertisement. We erase Web browsing cookies when you close your browser. They do not contain or capture customer-specific data.

Marketing cookies. Nationwide uses marketing cookies from our marketing partners to serve ads across the web. You can view, edit and manage your ad preferences associated with this cookie, or opt out entirely, by accessing the Network Advertising Initiative.

Site survey

Visitors can choose to use site surveys and other tools to tell us what they think about our site. We collect and use the comments that visitors provide to improve your experience on our site.

Business partners

Nationwide has business partners who help develop or service our websites. They may track and keep visitor information.

Collecting and using your personal information

We require you to share your personal information with us for some of our online activities. These activities include accessing your policies online, applying for products or services and asking us questions. Personal information is any information that identifies you and describes your relationship with Nationwide. Some examples of the information that Nationwide may collect include:

  • Name, address and Social Security number
  • Assets and income
  • Account and policy information
  • Driver's license number
  • Financial information
  • Consumer report information
  • Information from applications and transactions
  • Any information you give Nationwide
  • Public information
  • Family member and beneficiary information

If you apply for a product or service, we may collect information from your consumer reports. We may also need to collect your medical information. But we won't use or share your medical information for marketing, unless you give us your permission.

You may choose to correspond with Nationwide via email. Please be careful about the information you send to us in email. As with any public Web tool, email may not be secure so please do not include sensitive information.

We collect your personal information when you:

  • Create and use your online account
  • Ask a question
  • Use tools and calculators
  • Apply for products or services
  • Complete a form
  • Conduct transactions
  • Apply for a job
  • Send email to us
  • Subscribe to receive email from us

Sharing your personal information for servicing

We don't sell your information. When you buy a product, we may share your personal information with other Nationwide companies or one of our business partners to service your product. We also share your personal information with your agent or producer. They use your personal information to manage your policy or account. We also share your information for everyday business purposes. Some examples include mailing your statements or processing transactions that you request. You cannot opt out of these.

Sharing your personal information for marketing

We don't sell your information for marketing purposes. We have chosen not to share your personal information with anyone except to service your product. So there's no reason for you to opt out. If we change our policy, we'll tell you and give you the opportunity to opt out before we share your information.

Confidentiality and security

We use physical and technical safeguards to protect your personal information. We limit access to your personal information to those who need it to do their jobs. The law requires our business partners to use your personal information only for our purposes. They may not share it or use it in any other way. We comply with all data security laws.

Web links

Other companies or organizations may have links to their websites on our Web pages. We are not responsible for how they collect, use, disclose or secure the information that you provide to them. Please read their privacy policies so you can learn how their website uses your information.


If you are a Nationwide customer, you can ask us for a copy of your personal information. Please call us toll free at 1-877-677-3678 to access your personal information or for questions about our privacy policy. We have a process that will allow you to review your personal information and for your protection, we will verify your identity first. We can only give access to information that we control. We don't charge a fee for giving you a copy of your information now, but we may charge a small fee in the future.

We can't update information that other companies provide to us. So, you'll need to contact the other company to correct your information. For example, if you want to update the information in your credit report, you'll have to contact the credit-reporting agency.

Nationwide Companies

Nationwide is one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the world, focusing on domestic property and casualty insurance, life insurance, retirement savings, asset management and strategic investments. For a list of Nationwide subsidiaries and affiliates, please visit or call us at 1-866-280-1809.

The Nationwide Family of Companies includes:

  • Nationwide Life Insurance Company
  • Nationwide Life and Annuity Insurance Company
  • Nationwide Retirement Solutions, Inc.
  • Nationwide Retirement Solutions Insurance Agency, Inc.
  • Pension Associates, Inc.
  • Nationwide Financial Institution Distributors Agency, Inc.
  • Nationwide Retirement Solutions, Inc. of Arizona
  • Nationwide Retirement Solutions, Inc. of Ohio
  • Nationwide Retirement Solutions, Inc. of Texas
  • Nationwide Investment Services Corporation
  • Nationwide Securities, LLC
  • Nationwide Investment Advisors, LLC
  • NFS Distributors, Inc.
  • Nationwide Bank
  • Nationwide Trust Company, FSB a division of Nationwide Bank

This privacy statement was updated on July 20, 2011



Protecting your account information is the most important part of the Service Center. That is why it uses a thorough authentication process and strong encryption to ensure your visit is confidential.

  • Different browsers indicate secure sessions differently. Check the help information in your browser for security.
  • Information sent over the Internet during your visit is encrypted. The messages are changed by using security technology called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) so that only the intended recipient can read them.
  • A thorough authentication process occurs when you use your username/SSN and Password to logon. You will choose them the first time you access the Service Center.
  • For your own protection, never give your Password to anyone.
  • Before leaving your computer unattended, be sure to log off the Service Center by clicking on Logoff or exiting your browser. To protect your account from unauthorized viewing, the Service Center will automatically disconnect your session if you do not actively use it for 15 minutes.

Identity Theft

The security of your personal information is important to all of us. Identity theft is a problem that continues to grow. Each year the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) receives hundreds of thousands of identity theft reports, from all age groups and from all 50 States.

What is identity theft?

Identity theft occurs when someone uses your personal information (for example: your name, address and social security number) to open credit card accounts, loans, etc., in your name without your permission.

How do identity thieves collect my personal information?

  • Thieves collect your personal information in many ways. Here are a few:
  • Stealing incoming or outgoing mail
  • Finding old bills or statements while rummaging through trash
  • Stealing computing equipment (laptops, personal computers, mobile devices, etc.) containing consumer information
  • Contacting you directly through social engineering or through e-mail (phishing)

Where can I learn more about identity theft?

The following links provide you with more information about identity theft, how it occurs, and simple steps you can take to reduce your risk of identity theft: When you select one of these links you will be leaving our site and going to a web site that we neither own nor operate. Nationwide does not monitor, endorse or accept responsibility for the information on the web site.

Government Resources

Other organizations

What about my credit rating?

The following three main Credit Reporting Bureaus offer products and services designed to help you manage your credit rating as well as your risk of identity theft.

Remember the FACT Act amendments to the Fair Credit Reporting Act entitle you to one free credit report in a 12 month period. You can learn more about this by visiting

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