MSRP introduces Roth Contribution Options

If you have considered the possibility of a tax diversification strategy for your retirement investing, then MSRP now offers a welcome opportunity.

Until now, your contribution to MSRP was only "before taxes", emphasizing the traditional approach of investing the whole dollar of your gross earnings – instead of only the part in your take-home pay. Tax-deferred, or "before tax" MSRP accounts still offer the benefit of maximizing long-term growth potential, with your income tax paid only on the amount withdrawn in retirement.

Beginning April 11, 2011, you have a new choice in your MSRP contribution – before taxes or after taxes. You can choose to make some or all of your contributions after taxes into the 457(b) plan and/or 401(k) plan by selecting the new Roth contribution option in either or both plans. You may later withdraw those Roth accounts in retirement with no taxes due.

  • Read about the Roth Highlights (PDF) to learn the difference between before and after tax options
  • Understand all the Roth Plan Options (PDF) to determine which is best for you
  • Estimate the possible benefits of Roth after-tax contributions now and tax-free withdrawals later with the Roth Retirement Plan Analyzer
  • Change your Roth contribution online – login to your account, select "Contribution Change" option then select which plan to change and follow the instructions
  • Make a Roth contribution change on paper by completing the Participation Agreement (print on legal size paper), fill out and sign in ink before sending to the address listed on the bottom of the form

Get the help you need

Talk with one of our Team MSRP Retirement Specialists with questions about Roth Contribution Options. Remember that information provided by Retirement Specialists is for educational purposes only and is not intended as investment advice. Team MSRP does not offer tax or legal advice. Consult your own counsel before making any decisions.

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